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Royal Photo's Ambassadress

We are pleased to present Véronique Duplain ... Royal Photo Ambassadress !

Véronique Duplain

Véronique Duplain is a Montreal-based photographer. Self-taught, she has explored different spheres of photography before devoting herself to composition work with the Selfie Project, on which she has been working for six consecutive years. In the context of this project, the artist stages herself as the main subject of different narrative universes each day, for the entire month of February. These daily pictures, exhibited next to one another, form visual diary witnessing Duplain’s personal evolution as an artist.

These self-portraits offer more than a simple entry to the artist’s personal universe : they can be read, notably, under the perspective of social criticism. Published daily on Instagram, these photographies address the very actual themes of internet voyeurism and of the media construction of public personalities.  Duplain, despite the possibilities offered by the digital, accords importance to manual work and craft manipulation in her artistic practice by setting up physically each element composing the photographies. The artist, by corporeally modifying a space that seems realized by digital montage and by embodying a fictive character, plays with the boundaries of the real and the illusory.  

Selfie Project Contest

The Selfie Project 10th edition from Véronique Duplain has begun. And to celebrate the imagination of this incredible artist, we're raffling off a $50 gift card every Wednesday in February 2023. To enter, share a photo from the series and mention the accounts of Royal Photo and Véronique Duplain.

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Véronique Duplain
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