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We will be closed on Tuesday Sep 06 we will return on Sep 19 2022

Kino Montreal

Community of short film creators

Kino Montreal

Born in Montreal in 1999, Kino fosters and supports the creation of short films from page to screen. Through networking, master classes, training, equipment loans, logistical support and financial assistance, Kino brings together and equips a community of short film creators to accelerate the individual development of artists and to promote them and their work.

From the established filmmaker to the young beginner, Kino gives everyone the chance to undertake an artistic approach to film. From the established filmmaker to the newcomer, Kino gives everyone a chance to start a film career, and provides special support to the most promising talents.

It is therefore only natural for us to support Kino Montreal in the pursuit of its mission. It has been a pleasure to see the organization grow over the past few years and it will be a privilege to support them again for the next few years until 2026.

Kino Montreal
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