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We will be closed on Tuesday Sep 06 we will return on Sep 19 2022

COVID-19 | Apple Repair Process

Data Recovery

Authorized Service Provider

Trust the expertise of our Apple technicians to recover data from your Mac, USB External Hard Drive, Network Drive or Memory Card in a timely manner.

Our additional skills in the field of Photo-Video-Audio will be an asset to offer the best solution adapted to photographers, filmmakers, musicians, 3D artists.

Need to gather all your data on one storage solution? We can consolidate all your disks in one place. We also sell very high capacity storage devices!

Please note that our Apple department is temporarily closed on Thursdays-Friday nights from 6PM to 9PM and on Weekends. We are actively working to restore it and apologize for any inconvenience.

Hourly Service Pricelist

  • Regular $129

Estimate Fees

  • Every devices : $64.50

Technicians are available to help you

  • Your Mac does not boot ?
  • Time Machine stopped working ?
  • Your device had a liquid damage ?
  • Your external USB or network hard drive doesn't mount anymore ?
  • You can't read the contect of your USB key or memory card ?
  • Issue on your iMac Fusion Drive ?

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    Data Recovery
    In house data retrieval

    In House Data Retrieval

    • Estimate : $32.25
    • Hourly : $129
    Visit us in store
    Data migration

    Data Migration

    • $129
    Visit our store

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