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Sensor Cleaning & Maintenance

Sensor cleaning & maintenance

Clean the dust and speckles off your images !

When dust or stains appear on your camera sensor it can affect the quality of your images. Correcting them with image editing software is long and tedious work. The best way to deal with this issue, is by cleaning your camera sensor. This is the most rapid and effective route to once again produce spotless images. You can trust our team to get the job done fast and without any risk to your DSLR camera or Hybrid (with interchangeable lens).

Trust our certified technicians that have more than 20 years of practice and experience.
Cleaning Services :
Sensor Cleaning (minimum delay : 24h)
Premium Cleaning (Sensor & Camera body exterior - delay : 48h)

To clean body interior, the camera will be sent to manufacturer for an estimate.

Sensor Cleaning & Maintenance
Sensor cleaning

Data recovery

Did your images just disappear ?

You can trust Royal Photo’s team to do their best to get back your lost images. It is important that you DO NOT TAKE NEW PICTURES ON THE CARD or ERASE THE CARD. All you have to do is bring your memory card to one of our location and you will leave with your images or videos on a DVD.

Data recovery service :
Estimate :


Is your camera broken ? Bring it to our store and we will take care of everything !
Item under manufacturer’s warranty

Royal Photo makes a priority to deliver the best service. Even after your purchase. If your cameras has a malunction during the warranty’s duration. Bring your item with your bill and our associates will carry it to the appropiate repair center free of charge.

Item out of manufacturer's warranty

There are severals cases that makes your camera, lens or flash not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty :

  • the length of the manufacturers' warranty has been expired
  • the item was broken during an accident
  • the item was in contact of water, sand, dust or any other external damageable element

Even if your camera's case meets one of those conditions we will carry it to the appropriate repair center for a 25$ fee. This fee will be refunded from the final price of the repair.

Protection plan

Protect your camera, lens or flash against all accidents, any type of liquid, sand or dust for a 3 year period!

Sensor cleaning
Sensor cleaning