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We will be closed on Tuesday Sep 06 we will return on Sep 19 2022

COVID-19 | Apple Repair Process

Fix your iPhone / iPad

Authorized Service Provider

Trust the expertise of our Apple technicians for repairing your, under or out of warranty,iPhone / iPad. Take an appointment with our iOS technician at (514) 273-1723. Do you need help for backing up your personal data and apps ? For updating your iOS? configure your device customized to your needs ? setting up iCloud ? Make a choice for high standards and excellence, choose Royal Photo.

Book your spot for a Repair

  1. Go to
  2. Select your Apple item and answer the support questions
  3. Select Bring in for Repair‍
  4. Connect to your Apple ID
  5. Select Royal Photo and confirm the date and time
  6. Cancel or Modify your appointment on
  7. Make sure to Back-up and Disable Find my iPhone on your device
Do you need a phone during the time of your repair? Ask for the Apple Loaner Program
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Fix your iPhone / iPad
Software Adjustments

Software Adjustments

  • 15 min: $32.25
  • 30 min: $64.50
Visit us in store
Battery replacement (Without Service)

Out-of-Warranty Battery replacement

  • iPad - $149
  • iPhone X (and above) - $119
  • iPhone 8 Plus (and under) - $95
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